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World War II History & Heroes from World War 2

US 3rd Army advancing in World War II

World War II History

I love learning World War II History from the stories of the heroes that served our country during World War 2. We had the pleasure of interviewing, a retired lieutenant of the US Army while producing a Sharelooms Legacy Video. The stories he told of his experience in World War II from the bombing of Pearl Harbor through the trials of Nuremberg were so interesting to listen to.

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World War II History as told during the filming of a Sharelooms Legacy Video

USC Students Line up to Enlist After Pearl Harbor

He explained that after the bombing of Pear Harbor most of the men at USC dropped their studies and tried to enlist in one of the branches of the US Military. Most wanted to join the US Airforce or US Navy. However, he wasn’t accepted due to vision problems. He had to wait until he was drafted by the United States Army. “My eyes were good enough for them,” he recalled. He was very excited to serve the country and looked forward to the adventure!

United States Army Military History

US Army World War II Pack Artillery

World War II Hsitory - US Army Pack Artillery
World War II US Army Pack Artillery

After being drafted for World War II, he was sent to Camp Carson in Colorado Springs. It was here that he was trained in a pack artillery unit. One of only two units in the army. They trained high in the mountains of Colorado simulating maneuvers. He recalled being told by his commanders that you better treat the mules right. “We paid $200 dollars for them and we got you for a stamp.” But he really enjoyed the mules and quickly learned how smart they were. However, after the training the US Army realized that the mules were not able to get the guns close enough to do any damage. So his unit was sent to Fort Benning and was retrained as field artillery.

General Patton and the Third United States Army

US 3rd Army advancing in World War II
US 3rd Army advancing in World War II

His unit first saw battle when they landed in Nancy, France. It was here they became part of General Patton’s third Army. He soon learned how much he admired Patton. He remarked that in training they taught you to “dig or die.” But Patton taught them to always be on the move and push forward. “If you dig you die.”

Neal’s unit followed the Germans through France as they retreated. They chased them back through Czechoslovakia to Munich. He recalled how much he disliked C rations.

After receiving a field commission, he was required to stay in Europe longer. He stayed to help with the “DPs” or Displaced Persons. They also helped transfer the German officers to trial in Nurenberg. He was able to sit and watch the Nurenberg trials for a few days.

Celebrate the Heroes from World War 2 this Memorial Day Holiday!

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