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Valentine’s Day Gifts to Show Your Family You Love Them 2021

Valentine's Day Gifts to Show Your Family You Love Them


What are the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts to show your family you love them? The gift of you, of course. You are the greatest gift to your family. Preserve and share your stories so that your children, grandchildren and future generations will have a piece of you forever. 

Sharelooms is dedicated to helping families preserve and share their stories for future generations. Through photos, videos and storytelling we create Sharelooms that your family will cherish forever. 


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Sharelooms Family Historians are available to help you start these Sharelooms today. Contact us to start sharing your stories today! 

For pricing or answers to specific questions, contact Sharelooms at or call 858-461-9123 to Start Sharing Today. Please make sure to add Sharelooms to your address box or check your junk mail for a response.

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Now that you have the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for your family, let’s plan the perfect Valentine’s Day Date for your Valentine. It’s a lot more challenging in the COVID environment and needed more than ever. 

  • You can never go wrong with flowers, chocolate and a bottle of Prosecco or other beverage of choice. Don’t forget to write a Valentine! Those Reese’s peanut butter hearts are out of this world. 
  • Romantic Picnic with all their Favorite Foods. Make it a double date with one of your favorite couples and have a socially distanced picnic. 
  • Go for a hike and pack a special picnic. You can go on one of your favorite hikes or research a new location to explore. Alltrails has great ideas. 
  • Order takeout from one of your favorite restaurants. 
  • Surprise your Valentine with a mini retreat or spa day. Anything to make your day extra special and out of the ordinary.
  • A walk on the beach timed at sunset.

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