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Sharelooms Legacy Video Biography Preserves Family History, Ancestry & Genealogy for Future Generations

Family History GeneologySharelooms is dedicated to helping families share and preserve their stories of family history, ancestry, genealogy and cherished family traditions.

Some of the most important stories to share are stories of your family ancestry and genealogy. The youngest members of your family may not even know how your ancestry came to the United States. We started Sharelooms because we wanted our kids to know our family’s stories and history. Now they sit and watch movies about our family. The “actors” are people who have been the most influential people in our life. After, Matt’s Gramma passed away we put on her story. Our two-year old was so excited to see Gramma and her voice. “Momma, Gramma is not dead anymore.” It’s comforting knowing that we have her stories preserved forever.

What are Sharelooms Legacy Videos?

Sharelooms Legacy Videos are Video Interviews of the patriarchs and matriarchs of the family. These Video Memoirs tell the stories of their ancestors, childhood to present day. We combine these stories with family photos and home movies to create video biographies for your family to cherish. 

Legacy Videos are also known as: Video Memoirs, Video Biographies, Life Story Videos and Family History Videos.

Sharelooms Legacy Video Biography is the perfect Gift for the Person that Has Everything

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● Retirement Gift
● Golden Anniversary Gift
● Milestone Birthday Gift
● Gift for Grandparents
● Grandchild Gift

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Start Your Sharelooms Legacy Video

Preserving Family History

There is no time like the present. We all plan to live a long and happy life but there is no reason to wait to tell the stories of your past. We call these the chapters of your life. We can film your family stories during several sessions and add chapters throughout your life as you create new memories.

Even if you already lost a love one, we can share their stories as narrated through other family members. We can add photos and videos of them to these narrations.

Filming Your Legacy Video Biography

Creating your Sharelooms Legacy Video is as simple as sharing your stories. Our Family Historians are experts. You won’t even realize there is a camera on you. We film you in a nostalgic setting for your family. We come to you to let you tell your stories in a comfortable setting familiar to your family.

Sharelooms Legacy Video Biography Pricing

All of our products are custom designed and priced for your family. We talk with your family to find out more about your goals and what family history you would like to include and create the perfect family history package for your family. Please contact us today to start preserving your history.

Contact Sharelooms

For pricing or answers to specific questions, contact Sharelooms at or call 858-461-9123 to Start Sharing Today. Please make sure to add Sharelooms to your address box or check your junk mail for a response.