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Transfer Old Home Movies to DVD or Blu-Ray

Flim Transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray

Sharelooms can help your family enjoy all the home movies that have been stored in boxes for years. Not only can we transfer the movies, but we can edit them and create really fun family home movies that your family will enjoy watching over and over. Just think, you can put all them movies of your kids childhood onto one movie.

Transfer Formats Available – Film Transfer, Video Transfer, and Audio Transfer

Home Movie Video Transfer to DVD or Blu_Ray

We support a variety of formats. Please inquire with additional questions or formats.

  • Film Transfer – 8MM, Super 8 MM, 16MM/li>
  • Video Transfer – DVD, VHS, Mini DV, Mini CD, Digital 8, Hi8, Video 8
  • Audio Transfer – Audio Cassette to CD

Chapters of Legacy Video and Life Stories

Family Documentary of Milestone Anniversaries - 50th Anniversary
50th Anniversary Celebration

We like to think of Family Documentaries as chapters in our families Sharelooms Legacy Videos. They are perfect for families who want to start preserving their stories for their children and grandchildren but aren’t ready to complete a full legacy video.

I encourage all parents and grandparents to call Sharelooms today and book us to film your life to date. Because let’s face it the past isn’t going to change. It’s just going to get harder to remember. Then as you have more adventures and celebrate more milestones we can update your life story.

Family Documentaries are Perfect for:

  • Retirement celebration
  • Milestone Birthday
  • Milestone Anniversary
  • Birth of First Grandchild
  • High School Graduation
  • College Graduation
  • Wedding Presents

A Family Documentary for All Occasions

Family Documentary of 60th Birthday Trip to Alaska
60th Birthday Celebration

We also love to make a family documentary for:

  • Family Vacations
  • Family Reunions
  • Sports Teams: Baseball, Football, Soccer
  • Special Holidays and celebrations
  • School Year

Year in Review

A Family Documentary can also be done every year to add to the family archives. We can help you compile the hours of movies that you have on your camcorder, camera, phone and tablets into one movie. We will take out all the long uncomfortable pauses to make it a movie that your family enjoys watching. We support a variety of versions so you can watch it on your phone, tablet, DVD, web, and streaming.


For years we had boxes of VHS tapes sitting in our garage. So many childhood memories without a way to watch them and unsure if they would even play! One day we decided that it was time to have them edited and transferred to a digital format. We found Sharelooms and were so thrilled with the quality when they were finished!! We have watched them over and over again and they have brought us so much laughter and joy being able to share these memories with our children. We are so thankful that we found Sharelooms to help keep those memories alive!!!
Connie Levine (San Diego, California)

Sharelooms Gift Certificates Available

Grandparents this is a perfect gift idea to give to your children and grandchildren every year. Send us an email to family@sharelooms.com.

Contact Sharelooms

For pricing or answers to specific questions, contact Sharelooms at family@sharelooms.com or call 858-461-9123 to Start Sharing Today. Please make sure to add Sharelooms to your address box or check your junk mail for a response.

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