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Sharelooms family historians are standing by to help your family. We consider every project that we create an honor. Our historians will listen to your family’s needs and recommend the best Sharelooms products and services for your goals. We will guide you every step of the way.

Treasure Box Full of Old Photos

Sharelooms is a San Diego Mom-Owned Company. We are proud to be San Diego’s Family Historian. We work with families around the world the preserve their: Family Photos, Home Movies, Family History, Genealogy and stories of their ancestry for future generations.

What is a Sharelooms Family Historian?

Flim Transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray

Sharelooms Family Historians, are your contact to help create your family’s Legacy Projects. They will work with you to establish project goals, recommended product and services and to create the perfect family keepsake or Sharelooms for your family. We are thankful to help families achieve their goal to preserve their family history. Other terms include: Personal historians, biographers and genealogists. Whatever you want to call them, Sharelooms is excticted to help your family preserve and share their stories.

Mobile Office

We find that families are most comfortable in their own home so our Sharelooms Family Historians come to you. Initial consultations are usually done via video meeting but we are also happy to meet with you at your location of choice.

Mailing Address

11251 Rancho Carmel Drive #500584
San Diego, CA 92150-0584

What is the Process?

Legacy Projects are monumental tasks to do on your own. Hiring a professional is important to ensure the project’s success. Sharelooms Family Historians cherish helping families with these projects.

Step 1 Schedule a Free Consultation

Step 1: Book Your Free Initial Consultation 

Each family we work with is unique and so are each of our family history projects. We will talk to each family to learn more about their vision and create Sharelooms that their family will cherish forever. Initial consultations are generally conducted via video meeting but we are also available to meet in person if preferred. Email or call 858-461-9123.

Step 2 Gather Family Photos & Videos

Step 2: Gather Family Photos & Videos

Gather your family photos and videos that you would like to use in your Sharelooms Legacy Projects. If you are local, Sharelooms Family Historians can pick up your photos and videos. If you would like assistance reviewing and organizing your photos, we are happy to assist. 

Photos and videos can also be shipped to us from family around the world. If you are doing a Legacy Video, we will schedule your video interviews.

Step 3: Share your Sharelooms Legacy Projects

Legacy projects are meant to be shared with all your family and friends! After digitizing and capturing your family’s photos, videos and stories, we will transform them into beautiful keepsakes. Sharelooms make the perfect gifts for your entire family and are great ways to celebrate milestone events such as birthdays and anniversaries. We highly recommend unveiling them with your entire family. Make your own red carpet event!

Sharelooms San Diego Jobs

Sharelooms is always looking for great people. Currently we do not have any positions available. However, opportunities for Designers, Final Cut Pro Editors, and Personal Historians in the San Diego area come up frequently. E-Mail Your Area of Interest and Resume to We will keep your resume on file for when we have an open position.

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