Soldier Story

Soldier Story for Military Families

Soldier Story - Soldier reunites with pregnant wife when he returns from deployment.
Photo by John Gibbins/Union Tribune

We encourage soldiers and military families to create a soldier story for their family before leaving on deployment. This is a great way for loved ones to feel close and connected while away on deployment. We will film the family together doing the things that they love – playing games, reading bedtime stories, telling stories and having fun. We also encourage parents to tell stories of their childhood and ancestry that the family may not know. We can also film messages from the children to their parents. We will then edit the story together with family photos. Start your soldier story today.

When the family is missing each other they can enjoy their solider story, hear each other’s voices and enjoy family photos. Children can enjoy watching the movie over and over again and have their parent read them their nightly bedtime story.

Soldier Homecoming Videos

Do you have a loved one coming back from deployment? Sharelooms can capture your homecoming. We can be there to film the big moment. This can be added to any soldier story or legacy videos that we have already done!

Soldier Story Legacy Videos for Veterans

Soldier Story Love Story from World War II
Soldier Story Love Story from World War II Marine

As Sharelooms is based out of San Diego, it is only natural for many of our Legacy Videos to be of retired military. We hear stories of World War II, The Great Depression, The Korean War, Vietnam and many other historical events from the brave men and women that serve our country. When combining soldier stories with a Sharelooms Legacy video we take pride in combining the historical narratives with historical photos that allow younger generations to connect with “The Greatest Generation.”

The best ways to share historical stories are to combine photos with narration. Sharelooms will film a soldier telling stories of their deployment experience. We will then combine personal photos and available historical photos to share this experience with loved ones. This can be a life chapter that can later be combined with a Legacy Video.

Click here to enjoy some of our World War II Movies and Legacy Videos. Click on each link and press the arrow button to watch the movies.

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