Sharelooms Family History Services • Helping Families Share their Stories for Future Generations

Sharelooms Mission: Helping Families Share Their Stories for Future Generations

Sharelooms Family History Services

Sharelooms Family History specializes in Legacy Projects. Legacy Projects are heirlooms with family photos, video interviews and stories to preserve the patriarchs and matriarchs of the families for future generations. Our Mission is to Help Families Share their Stories for Future Generations.

Legacy Video

Our Legacy Video Biographies and Memoirs preserve the stories of your loved ones through video interviews, family photos and video.

Family History Book

Preserve your family photos, history and stories in a beautiful custom coffee table book.

Home Movies

Have Sharelooms edit all your videos into wonderful home movies that your family star in and want to watch over and over.

Photo Scanning

Have Sharelooms scan and preserve your precious family photos. Use them to create amazing family keepsakes such as photo books and slideshows.

Video Transfer

Have Sharelooms transfer old media such as: 8MM, Super 8 MM, 16MM,DVD, VHS, Mini DV, Mini CD, Digital 8, Hi8, Video 8, Audio Cassette to CD to digital media so you can enjoy your precious memories again!

Memorial Services

Our photos and video projects are perfect to honor your loved ones. We can help you with a Memorial Web-site, Memorial Slideshow, and even livestream the Memorial Service for family and friends who are not able to attend.

Sharelooms Family History Services

Sharelooms Family History Videos

San Diego’s Family Historian

Sharelooms Family Historians are dedicated to helping families preserve and share their stories for future generations. We want to help families get their photos and videos out of storage, digitize them and transform them into beautiful keepsakes or Sharelooms. These Sharelooms can be shared with family and friends around the world. We interview the patriarchs and matriarchs of the family to capture their stories so that their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations can know them and hear their voices. Working with families on these important projects is such an honor. We are often told by families that their Sharelooms are their most prized possessions.

One of our favorite Legacy projects is a Sharelooms Legacy Video Biography.  These are video interviews of the patriarch and matriarchs of the family combined with family photos and videos. So now your grandkids can listen to Grandma and Grandpa telling the stories of their lives while looking at their photos. Click on the link to learn more about Sharelooms Legacy Video Biographies.

Sharelooms takes pride in being San Diego’s Family Historian. Although we help family’s across the county share and preserve their family’s history, San Diego Families hold a place that is near and dear to our heart. Not only are we a San Diego based company, we are a San Diego Family.

Maybe you spent a part of your life in San Diego and are coming back for a nostalgic visit. Maybe you served in our military and were stationed in San Diego. Maybe you have just discovered the beauty of San Diego. This would be a perfect time to create your Sharelooms Legacy Video.

If you don’t live in San Diego we still love you and would love to help your family too! We work with families all over the nation.

Sharelooms Family History • Legacy Video Highlight Reel

Don’t delay, start Sharing today!!

We highly recommend that you start your Legacy Projects today. We are often told by families that they wish they had started their projects earlier. There is no time like the present and we are excited and honored to help your family create these special keepsakes. 


Sharelooms Legacy Project Step 1: Schedule a Free Consultation

Step 1: Book your Free Initial Consultation

Each family we work with is unique and so are each of our family history projects. We will talk to each family to learn more about their vision and create Sharelooms that their family will cherish forever. Initial consultations are generally conducted via video meeting but we are also available to meet in person if preferred. Email or call 858-461-9123 to book your consultation.

Sharelooms Legacy Project Step 2: Gather Family Photos & Video

Step 2: Gather Family Photos & Videos

Gather your family photos and videos that you would like to use in your Sharelooms Legacy Projects. If you are local, Sharelooms Family Historians can pick up your photos and videos. If you would like assistance reviewing and organizing your photos, we are happy to assist. 

Photos and videos can also be shipped to us from family around the world. If you are doing a Legacy Video, we will schedule your video interviews.


Share your Sharelooms Legacy Projects

Step 3: Share your Sharelooms Legacy Projects

Legacy projects are meant to be shared with all your family and friends! After digitizing and capturing your family’s photos, videos and stories, we will transform them into beautiful keepsakes. Sharelooms make the perfect gifts for your entire family and are great ways to celebrate milestone events such as birthdays and anniversaries. We highly recommend unveiling them with your entire family. Make your own red carpet event!