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Baby’s First Birthday | Perfect Gift Ideas

Celebrating Baby's 1st Birthday

Baby’s First Birthday – We made it!

Celebrating Baby's 1st BirthdayOur family is hitting a major milestone this month. We are celebrating our baby’s first birthday. This is monumental for a few reasons. Not only because he is finally starting to sleep through the night, he finally takes a cup, and we were able to leave him with his grandparents for a four-day trip to get some much-needed alone time. But this is our third and last (sniff, sniff) baby boy.

Baby's 1st Birthday
Baby’s 1st Birthday

The past six years have been some of the most emotionally and physically challenging years of our life. We went from being a carefree couple in love to, to newlyweds, then pug owners, to proud parents of a bouncing baby boy. We adored watching each milestone, first steps and pouring over each new word. We are such proud parents. And then when life started to feel easy again we were ready to try again. There went 9 months of being pregnant. And to all of our friends we are so sorry. We know we have fallen off the face of the earth. Trying to balance being great parents, work, family and all the other trials of life can be a lot!

But alas we are done. Our baby chapter is coming to a close. And no we don’t have any need or desire to “try for a girl.” I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked that question. We adore our three boys and are content to a life of activity with our three very adventurous boys.

A Sentimental Momma Reflects As Baby’s First Birthday Approaches

Baby's 1st Steps
Baby’s 1st Steps

But now as it comes to a close I’m starting to get pretty sentimental and aware that this is the last of our babies that I will get to snuggle and hold tight. I guess a little sleep allows you to enjoy the little things again. So now we pass on this task to our brother and sisters. We will enjoy snuggling and helping you guys as much as you have helped us.

So this month I will take a little of my work time to reflect and enjoy putting together some Sharelooms for my little man. My two older boys adore our annual photo books and family movies we put together each year. They love looking through their “baby photos.” My middle son, now four always asks if he can watch his baby movie. He will watch that any day over any cartoon or movie in the house. I have it on my phone, iPad and set to stream to our living room TV.


Sharelooms to Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday

  • Family Documentary
  • Home Movies
  • Photo sideshows
  • Custom Photo Albums
  • Custom First Birthday Invitations
  • Custom Photo Note cards
  • Family Blog & Photo-share Website

I’m so proud of Sharelooms services to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Call us at 858-461-9123 to start your Sharelooms.

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Thanks for letting us be a part of your Baby’s first birthday celebration !

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