Sharelooms Family Testimonials

At Sharelooms, we pride ourselves in creating a family’s most prized possessions. We pour our hearts and souls into creating heirlooms for your family to share for generations to come. What makes it all worthwhile is hearing all the great things that Sharelooms’ families have to say about our work.


That video you made of Granny brought me to my knees. She was such a prominent, dependable person for me as a kid but I rarely saw her once I moved to my dad’s. I never realized how much of me comes from her until I saw that video. My mom wasn’t around when I was coming of age and I always thought I taught myself to cook, but it was Granny. My style, my seasonings, my methods all came from her and I never would have known if it weren’t for that video. It was one of the most devastatingly beautiful moments of my life. It broke me and built me up at the same time. Truly, thank you for that Heather!
Vanessa Blake (Phoenix, Arizona)

For years we had boxes of VHS tapes sitting in our garage. So many childhood memories without a way to watch them and unsure if they would even play! One day we decided that it was time to have them edited and transferred to a digital format. We found Sharelooms and were so thrilled with the quality when they were finished!! We have watched them over and over again and they have brought us so much laughter and joy being able to share these memories with our children. We are so thankful that we found Sharelooms to help keep those memories alive!!!
Connie Levine (San Diego, California)

I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else but Sharelooms for my holiday cards and announcements each year. From the moment you start working with Heather of Sharelooms she personalizes everything to you and couldn’t be friendlier. I don’t know how she does it. I used to stress about getting holiday cards out each year, but with Sharelooms the stress is gone. Every year I get compliments from friends and family on our creative and aesthetic holiday cards. I wonder what she will think of this year? I know it won’t disappoint!!!”
Margaret Becker (San Diego, California)

Thank goodness for Sharelooms!! My mother just passed away and I am so thankful that both she and my Dad documented their lives last year. Growing up, they always shared family stories, but it is so hard to relay them to my children the way they shared them with me. If they hadn’t used Sharelooms, so many wonderful memories would be lost.
By ordering copies for each family member, my children will have their grandparent’s personal stories to pass down to their children and I will always be able to sit down and enjoy an afternoon “listening” to my mom. I am so glad that Mom and Dad took the time to do this for all of us! The DVD’s and photo archives will always be treasured!”
Caroline Butler (Poulsbo, Washington)

What a joy it has been to work with Sharelooms over the past few years! I have loved all the Christmas cards and photo notecards you have so creatively made for me. The most wonderful project Sharelooms has done for my family is the “Life Story” of my parents. You spent hours video recording their lifetime memories, and scanned hundreds of family photos, then edited it all into an incredible DVD. My parents, children and I have spent many good times watching it. After the unexpected death of my mother a few months ago I realized how truly special the Life Story is, and how lucky we are to have it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time and love you put into making it so perfect and so very meaningful. It is a true family treasure that will be cherished for generations.”
Jaki Motter (Brawley, California)

What Heather has given us with her Sharelooms projects is priceless. My grandmother passed away recently and being able to hear her voice again is bittersweet. Listening to her tell stories of her past and the past of her family brings her back to life. It will allow my daughters to know her in ways that I was never able to know my great-grandparents. Being able to see photographs from my grand parents’ lives and hear them talk about what they did and where they went, traditions, everything in the videos and photo archives will help me continue to have a relationship with my ancestors and give my children a chance to do the same.
Sharelooms also does a wonderful job with holiday cards. The original designs and superior customer service makes it worth every penny to have a professional do your holiday cards. And the quality of the printed product will ensure it lasts for ages, making it fun to look back on holiday cards of the past and see how we all have changed.”
Michelle Wyse (San Francisco, California)

I highly recommend Sharelooms to everyone. Even if you think it might be too early to capture the memories and life story of a loved one, it’s not. I am fortunate enough to now have the life stories of my maternal and paternal grandparents. I am especially thankful because my paternal grandma passed away unexpectedly this past year. No one was prepared and I did not get to say goodbye. Having her life story capture by Sharelooms has allowed me to feel like I can go back and see her, listen to her talk and feel like she is still with me. I am also thankful that when I have children, they will be able to watch the DVDs and hear the stories directly from their great grandparents. Thank you Sharelooms for giving me something so incredibly priceless.
Trisha Snelgrove (Hawaii)

I have used Sharelooms to create my personal Christmas cards, as well as change of address cards. Both were ready for me to approve in a short amount of time, and changes that were deemed necessary were made easily and quickly. I will use Sharelooms again to create my Christmas cards – they are always well received by our friends and family. I would recommend Sharelooms to anyone who wants a professional, personal card that reflects the sender’s personal tastes.”
Vicki Elmore (Brawley, California)

Creative & Talented are words to describe Heather’s work. From beautiful Christmas cards that everyone loves, to travel DVD’s that we “share” over & over. We love the results! Heather is our resource for making everyday photos look professional, something we can be proud to show off!”
Kim & Boyd Richardson (San Diego, California)

Sharelooms has been a great way to preserve my Mother. She is alive and well at 90 years old and thank you Sharelooms for capturing her life on film for us all to enjoy her. Her smile, her personality, her life will be with us always. Thank you Sharelooms for keeping our Mother and Grandmother with us forever!”
Mary Frances Fleming (Brawley, California)