Family Photos Scanning Services

Family Photos Scanning Services & Photo Restoration

Treasure Box Full of Old PhotosSharelooms offers premium family photos scanning services and photo restoration. We preserve families old photos and most precious family memories. We scan old photos, family photo albums, important family documents, and newspaper clippings and digitize them for your family photo archives. If old photos have been damaged with time, we offer photo restoration services. We transform these photos into Legacy Projects such as slideshows, coffee table books and much more. Share these projects with family and friends around the world.

Every family photo is given a lot of love to restore the photos original beauty. Every photo is hand scanned on a flatbed scanner to take great care of your photos. Photos are scanned at high resolution (300 dpi or 600 dpi). We correct the color and do minor touch ups to each photo. Once your photos are digitized we will upload them to the Sharelooms Store where photos can be shared with family and friends around the world and additional prints and photo keepsakes can be ordered.

Every Family Photo is:

  • Flatbed Scanner for Old PhotosHand Scanned at a high resolution on a Flatbed Scanner
  • Color Corrected
  • Minor Touch Ups for Dust and Scratches
  • Uploaded to a private Sharelooms Store to Share and Order prints

Old Photo Restoration

Sometimes the oldest and most special family photos have become damaged over time. This is often the case with family ancestry photos. Often there are so few photos of our family ancestry that every photo is a treasure. Sharelooms can help you restore photos of your ancestry to it’s original beauty.

Family Photo Organizing

Keeping up with the challenge of organizing your family photos can be quite a challenge and is often put off for another day. Then before you know it, you have boxes of photos that you don’t know what to do with or albums that you never made.

Our Sharelooms Family Historians can help you go through your old photos to organize those that are the most special to your family. We can organize your old photos by child, chronologically or by special events.

Once your old photos are organized we can help you scan them and the Sharelooms photo projects are endless. Maybe your child is now graduating from high school or going off to college. Sharelooms can help you scan and digitize your family photos to create family keepsakes and heirlooms. We can create a through the years slide show, school years photo album, legacy videos, legacy albums and much more.

Protect your Family Photos

Protecting your family photos is so important. When families are evacuated from their house in an emergency, family photos are usually the first things they grab. Scanning your family photos can help safeguard your family memories. Once they are scanned you can put copies in multiple locations so you don’t have to worry about loosing your old Photos.

Digital Photo Training

Having digital photos are great because it makes it easy to make family photo projects. But it is so important to make sure that you are properly saving and organizing your family photos. Also it is important that you are regularly backing up your computer and photo files. Sharelooms Family Historians are available to sit down with you to make sure you are saving and backing up files correctly.

Sharelooms Family Photo Projects:

Once your family’s old photos are scanned there are so many fun projects that Sharelooms can help you with:

Old Family Photos Scanning Services Frequently Asked Question:

Why are photos scanned on a flatbed scanner?

Many companies selling photo scanning services scan their photos with documents scanners. While this may be faster the quality is not as high and your precious family photos can be jammed in the machine resulting in damage to your old photos.

What resolution are old photos scanned at?

Old photos are scanned at 300 dpi or 600 dpi. DPI means dot per inch. A 300 dpi scan is able to reproduce a photo quality print and the original size of the photo. If you would like to be able to print your family photo at a size larger than the original scan, we recommend scanning at 600 dpi, which allows you to double the size of the photo print.

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