Family History and Ancestry Services

Family History and Ancestry Services

Family History for Future Generations

Sharelooms believes that every family has a story to share and we are here to help your family preserve them for future generations. Our family historians will work with your family to organize your: stories of family history, ancestry, genealogy, old family photos, and old home movies. This would be a monumental task for a family to accomplish on their own but our family historians are experts at it. We love what we do!

Custom Heirlooms for Families to Share Stories of Ancestry and Family History

Sharelooms is dedicated to helping families share and preserve their family history and stories by creating high quality custom Sharelooms. Every product we create is personalized to your family based on your stories and your interests. We want every Shareloom to be as unique as you family. We will showcase your ancestry, family history, genealogy, and your family stories.

Grandpa Shares Family History Services

Family History Gifts for the Person that Has Everything

Sharelooms are the perfect gifts for the person that has everything. Our family history and ancestry services include:

Old Photos and Home Movies

If you are like most families, you have boxes of old photos and movies in your cupboards and attic. So many of them bring back amazing memories of cherished times with your family. There are old pictures of your parents and grandparents, wedding pictures, baby pictures, movies of baby’s first step, old photos and video of your child’s first day of school, pictures of your child’s sports games, graduation pictures, family vacations, your first house, family celebrations, family reunions, retirement parties, milestone birthdays, golden anniversaries and many more. These are important milestones in your family history and ancestry that should be preserved for future generations.

The trick is finding those pictures that tug at your heartstrings and take you back in time to those cherished moment with your family. We don’t want them packed away in your attic. We want to combine the old photos and old home movies with the family stories behind them and create custom heirlooms for your family to share.

Family Photos Preserved with Family History Services

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