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Cinco de Mayo Recipe our Family Tradition Legacy Video

Machaca is one of the foods that I look forward to every Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is a big deal for San Diego Families. Because we live so close to the Mexican border great Mexican food is a big part of our culture.

San Diego Cinco de Mayo, Family Traditions

My favorite Cinco de Mayo recipe is my Granny’s machaca. And every Cinco de Mayo I think of her. It tastes so good when it is cooked all day in a slow cooker and served with homemade guacamole, tortillas and a little bit of onions, cilantro and salsa.

It is best to experiment with the quantity of ingredients and make it just to your family’s liking. The more you make it you’ll find that your family will keep asking for you to make it again.

Mexican Flag for Cinco De Mayo

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Machaca, Granny’s Cinco de Mayo Recipe:

Cinco de Mayo Recipe • Family Tradition Legacy Video from Sharelooms on Vimeo.

• 1 Large Beef Roast of Choice, approximately 5 Lbs.
• Chili Powder
• Cumin Seed
• 1-2T Olive Oil
• Garlic Salt or Santa Maria’s Seasoning
• Seasoned Pepper
• 1 Large Stout Beer such as Guinness
• 1-2 Onions, cut in rings
• 1-2 tsps. Oregano
• 3 Bay Leaves
• Red Pepper or Tabasco to Taste
• 4 Cloves of Crushed Garlic (Granny likes to use her hammer)

Experiment with the quantity of seasonings to your family’s taste preferences.

1. Dredge meat with chili powder and cumin. Granny’s says the secret is making sure to use lots.
2. Warm olive oil in pan medium-low.
3. Sprinkle both sides with garlic salt and seasoned pepper.
4. Brown meat on all sides.
5. Transfer to slow cooker of choice.
6. Pour 1 Large can or bottle of stout beer such as Guinness. (More if you like)
7. Place rings of onions over meat.
8. Crush oregano in hands to enhance flavor and sprinkle over meat.
9. Add bay leaves on top.
10. Sprinkle red pepper or Tabasco on top for heat if desired
11. Add crushed garlic
12. Cook on low until the meat shreds easily. Turn half way through.
13. Enjoy!

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  1. Kristina I just read this post and even though Easter has pasesd I thought I’d add a comment. My issue is just the opposite: for years I filled the Easter baskets, hid the candy, got everyone off to Church, made a big meal, etc. Now MY children have grown up, moved away (too far for us to be together for just a day), and have children of their own. To say our Easter traditions have evolved is an understatement! All of our grandchildren receive Easter cards with a treat inside (money, gift cards). The Don and I now invite friends for a nice Easter dinner (with ham always the centerpiece). We still celebrate but our traditions different and that’s how life goes, I think!

    1. Thanks for sharing your family traditions! Enjoy every moment and take lots of photos and videos. Sharelooms would love to help you organize your memories into albums and videos that you can enjoy over and over.

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