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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Families 2020

Sharelooms Best Christmas Gifts for Families

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Families 2020

Here is our list of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for you family:

The best Christmas gift you can give your family is to Share your Story. If you are a parent, grandparent, child or grandchild these are the perfect gifts for your family. 

Sharelooms is dedicated to helping families preserve and share their stories for future generations. We offer gift certificates to get your projects started. 

Here are some of our best Christmas Gift Ideas for Families 2020. 

  1. Sharelooms Legacy Video

Legacy Videos are our premier products and makes the perfect Christmas gift. They tell the stories of your loved one from their ancestry to present day. The power of multimedia – family photos, video interviews, and audio combined to create your Family’s own History Channel style documentary. Your family and friends will cherish these stories and you will be able to share with future generations. To learn more, please visit Sharelooms Legacy Videos. 

  1. Sharelooms Biographies
Great Valentine Gift

To complement your Legacy Video, Sharelooms can create a biography to share your families photos, stories and family history. In addition, we can create books in multiple sizes and styles so you can share with your extended family. To learn more, please visit Sharelooms Biographies.  

  1. Sharelooms Custom Coffee Table Books

Sharelooms can produce Custom Coffee Table Books to celebrate your most special celebrations. We can create a family photo album of your most cherished family photos, Decade Albums or a portfolio of your best photographs or artwork.   

  1. Photo Scanning
Treasure Box Full of Old Photos

Sharelooms can help you get your photos out of your boxes to share with your family. This is one of the best gift ideas for families and one that your entire family will appreciate. Our family historians will scan, restore and digitize your favorite family photos. We can do this on site or remotely.

  1. Digitize Home Movies

Sharelooms can digitize your old family home movies to Share with family via DVD, Blu-Ray or streaming. 

  1. COVID Historical Interview

Sharelooms Family Historian can interview your family about the COVID-19 Pandemic. We can capture this Chapter, the highs and the lows of this event to share with future generations. 

  1. Legacy Chapters

As your family closes and opens chapters, Sharelooms family historians are here to capture these special events. From milestone birthdays, anniversaries, historical events, retirement and more Sharelooms can capture your family’s stories to share with future generations. 

  1. Custom Calendars

Additionally I have produced custom calendars for my family’s holiday gifts every year since I was in high school. It is such a great gift to commemorate the year and share your favorite family photos and memories. 

  1. Wall Art and other Photo Gifts

And More – click on the link to see all of our products and services. 

The best time to start is NOW. Families often tell us that they wish they would have started their Legacy Projects sooner. There is no time like the present. Thanks for considering Sharelooms for all your holiday Gift Ideas for your families.

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Contact us to start sharing your stories today! 

For pricing or answers to specific questions, contact Sharelooms at or call 858-461-9123 to Start Sharing Today. Please make sure to add Sharelooms to your address box or check your junk mail for a response.

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Please help Sharelooms grow. Please share our company with family and friends! Sharelooms is dedicated to helping families preserve and share their stories for future generations.

Our Founder is a proud Mom of 3 boys, community leader and volunteer. We are proud to be San Diego’s Family Historian and a Family-owned business.

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