Calvin Masatoshi Shishido Memorial Service Miramar National Cemetery


Calvin Masatoshi Shishido


FEBRUARY 18, 2022 - 9:30 AM - LIVE STREAM

8/24/1933 - 01/09/2022

Calvin “Cal” Shishido passed away on January 9, 2022 at the age of 88, comfortably at home with his family. His battle with serious medical issues in recent years showed his courage in facing life challenges with a smile. Despite the pain and battle with COVID-19, Calvin came out a hero and stayed strong until the end.

As a child, Calvin proclaimed that his goal was to become a pro-golfer when he grew up. While he spent every opportunity playing golf with friends and colleagues, Calvin ultimately went on to lead a life of service and devotion to our country and community at large. Calvin gained invaluable experience through his service in the Air Force, honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant in 1957, and his various careers, including IRS Agent, Private Investigator, Sheriff of Hawaii, and Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for which he was one of the first Asian Americans to be hired with the FBI in 1965.

Calvin Masatoshi Shishido
Calvin Masatoshi Shishido

Calvin created lifelong relationships with his FBI friends, whom truly became family to him. He cherished spending time with them on the golf course and exploring new culinary experiences, evidenced by the timeless stories Calvin shared with his family.

Calvin Masatoshi Shishido

Calvin has touched the lives of many and frequently displayed his love for his family. When he would reminisce about the past, he shared happy and fond memories. All of the stories of his childhood would make him, and those around him, laugh out loud. While he may have acted on his clever and mischievous ideas as a child, he maintained a deep love and respect for his Mom and Dad. Even when Calvin grew up, he remained young at heart – nothing filled his heart with joy more than engaging with the youth of the family and sharing in their wonder and excitement for new discoveries.

Calvin Masatoshi Shishido


Calvin is survived by his son Dale Shishido, daughter Neala Bovard, and beloved grandchildren Alyx Shishido, Sophie Lorenzo, Zachary Bovard, Orion Bovard, and Mojave Bovard.

Calvin will be honored at Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego, California on February 18, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time with Military Honors.

For information for where to send condolence letters, please contact Dale at 310-386-0806.