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We Believe Everyone Has a Story to Share

Sharelooms Legacy Video Biographies Highlight Reel from Sharelooms

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Sharelooms Legacy Video Preserves Family History

The recent death of a Matt’s Grandmother was sudden and shocking for the family. Luckily her Sharelooms Legacy Video Biography was complete. Her Legacy Video has proven to be a source for healing and comfort as the family moves forward without her here in person. Her soothing voice and familiar mannerisms are preserved forever through her Sharelooms Legacy Video.

Sharelooms Legacy Videos are the most powerful way to share your family’s story. Sharelooms Legacy Videos combine video interviews of yourself and loved ones with your family’s photos and old home movies. Your stories are then combined into a seamless legacy video sharing your family history from ancestry to present day.

Think of a Legacy Video as an Estate Plan for your knowledge and wisdom. Your Legacy Video allows you to take the time to reflect and share the influential moments of your life with your family and friends and generations to come. Start sharing today. Contact us to begin your Sharelooms Legacy Video.

Custom Heirlooms for Families to Share

Every Shareloom that we create for your family will be customized to family. We don’t make you fit any templates or packages, we create them around you. We create heirloom quality products perfect for Milestone Family Celebrations including: Retirement, Milestone Birthdays, Golden Anniversaries or the Birth of a grandchild.

A Shareloom also makes the perfect gift for the person who needs nothing but has done so much for you. Consider celebrating this person by allowing them to share their wit and wisdom. The gift of a Legacy video shows how important this person is to your family or company. A Shareloom is the perfect retirement gift, milestone birthday gift, Golden Anniversary gift or grandparent gift.

Our family history services include: Legacy Video, Home Movies & Family Documentary, Family Website, Life Story, Old Photos, Custom Greeting Cards, Custom Family Photo Books and Family Calendars.

San Diego’s Family Historian

San Diego Families' HistorianSharelooms, Inc. is San Diego’s Family Historian. Although we help family’s across the county share and preserve their family’s history, San Diego Family’s hold a place that is near and dear to our heart. Not only are we a San Diego based company, we are a San Diego Family.

Maybe you spent a part of your life in San Diego and are coming back for a nostalgic visit. Maybe you served in our military and were stationed in San Diego. Maybe you have just discovered the beauty of San Diego. This would be a perfect time to create your Sharelooms Legacy Video.

If you don’t live in San Diego we still love you and would love to help your family too! We work with families all over the nation.

Family History is Sharelooms’ Mission

Sharelooms is dedicated to helping you preserve and share your family’s treasures by creating high quality, custom Sharelooms. Sharelooms creates multimedia experiences that allow families to preserve and share their legacy. We want you to spend your time making new memories with your friends and family. A Sharelooms Specialist will work with each family to tailor packages based on your individual needs and goals.

Sharelooms’ Family History

Sharlooms Family HistorySharelooms was created after the loss of Heather’s Grandpa. He was such an inspirational part of her life she found herself wishing that she could have one more chat, one more hug, one more game of solitaire, one more Sunday Breakfast with Grandpa. She realized how much hearing his voice and his chuckle meant to her.


We Believe Everyone Has a Story to Share

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